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Open 365 Days 24/7

Open 365 Days 24/7

opening December 2016




Knowing the difference between an urgent care and an emergency room will help in deciding which facility you should go to when seeking medical treatment.




When to go to an

Emergency Room


ERs are the best place for life-threatening injuries & other severe conditions. They are equipped to handle nearly any medical emergency. They provide care for broken bones, strokes, heart attacks, and much more.


Emergency Rooms are open 365 days a year 24/7. They have on-site Labs, advanced Radiology (CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray), overnight observation suites, and more.

When to go to an

Urgent Care


Urgent care centers are bridges that fill the gaps between your primary care physician and an ER. They have extended hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.


If you have a minor non life-threatening condition such as the flu, severe allergies, fever, earaches, or a cold, visiting an urgent care is a great alternative when you need to be treated quickly.


Emergency Room


At our emergency rooms, you will be seen by one of our 100% Emergency Medicine Board Certified physicians.


Trust our staff of seasoned combat veterans & accomplished academic professors to give you and your family the experience you deserve.


What We Treat


· Chest Pain & Heart Attacks


· Sprains & Fractures


· Lacerations


· Stroke like symptoms


· Head injury or other major trauma


· Respiratory conditions


· Migraines


· Dehydration


· Severe abdominal pain



What You Can Expect


· Little to no wait time


· Quality time with our physicians


· Comprehensive Adult & Pediatric Care


· On-site Lab


· Advanced Radiology

(CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray)


Urgent Care


The Rim Urgent Care strives to give the best patient experience while respecting the value of your time. We understand you have a busy schedule between work & family, so take advantage of our extended hours, including weekends and holidays, along with the convenience of having little to no wait time.


What We Treat


· Bites & Burns


· Cuts & Scrapes


· Flu & Cold


· Fever & Earaches


· Urinary Tract Infection


· Sore Throat


· Allergies & Asthma


· Employment, School & Sports Physicals


· Lab test for strep, flu, mono, RSV, and UTI



Our facilities except most major insurance plans.


Texas state law requires all insurance providers to pay “in-network” benefits for any member presenting to an emergency room for medical treatment.


Though, we do not participate in Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, Oscar & GPA at our ERs, we are consistent with our pillars and are very generous with our pricing for our cash paying patients.

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